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PayChallenge uses “cookies” to offer a better service and provide a better browsing experience to anyone who visits our site.

By using the PayChallenge website, you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to the use of cookies in this way, you should adjust your browser settings or do not use the PayChallenge website. Choosing to delete and/or disable the cookies may impact your experience of our website.



“Cookies” are small text files that are stored on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) through the browser and are commonly used to retain information about website visit through several sessions (e.g. preferences, pages visited, etc.). These cookies are not active files, therefore they cannot contain viruses or be executed.



The cookies that PayChallenge uses on this website may be classified according to criteria like lifespan, managing entity and their purpose.



  • Session (or temporary) cookies: deleted from your device when you leave the website and close the browser. The information obtained by these cookies is used to analyze traffic patterns, which makes it possible to identify problems and optimize the browsing experience.
  • Persistent Cookies: stay on the device even after you leave the website and close the browser until the end of their deadline or until you manually delete them. This type of cookies allows a visitor who returns to the PayChallenge website to be recognized as such and not as a new visitor, allowing a greater customization of the global browsing experience.


Managing entity

  • Own cookies: created by the PayChallenge website and stored on your device. This type of cookies makes it possible to provide the services you request.
  • Third-party cookies: created, stored on your device, and managed by entities other than PayChallenge. The information obtained through these cookies gives you the possibility to interact with social networks or view content like Google Maps.



  • Strictly necessary or technical cookies: essential for the PayChallenge website to work properly and to allow you to navigate, use the available features and access the secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, these services cannot be rendered properly.
  • Analytical cookies: enable the collection and analysis of usage statistics from our website to improve the way it works and your browsing experience. These cookies collect information in an aggregated and anonymous way and, for this reason, we will never be able to identify you.
  • Functional cookies: anonymously record your preferences regarding the use of the PayChallenge website (for example, your username or language) so you do not have to configure them each time you visit our website. These cookies enable an easier and more personalized browsing experience and, in certain cases, may also be used to avoid displaying services or messages that you have declined on a previous visit. By deleting and/or blocking this type of cookies, your preferences will not be stored for future visits.
  • Advertising cookies: collect information about your browsing habits to provide you with content that is more relevant, more aligned with your interests, and less invasive. These cookies can be used to show specific advertising or limit the number of times a particular ad is presented to you and also make it possible to measure the campaigns performance. The information collected is anonymous and may be shared with third parties, in particular advertisers and agencies.


Here is the list of cookies we use on our website.


Name Cookie Objective Duration
Polylang pll_language Registers the last language visited. 1 year
Google Analytics _ga Sends navigation data to the google analytics platform. Persistent
Google Analytics _gid Used to distinguish users. 1 day
Google Analytics Tracker _gat Sends transaction data to google analytics platform. Persistent
AddThis _atuvc Ensures the user views the updated count of shares made through the buttons Addthis. Persistent
AddThis _atuvs Ensures the user views the updated count of shares made through the buttons Addthis. Session
Cookie Consent catAccCookies Registers the cookie acceptance. 1 month



Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies automatically. This means that you can configure your browser to not disallow the use of cookies at anytime. You can also configure your computer or mobile device to notify you whenever a cookie is stored on your computer. At the end of each browsing session, you can delete the collected cookies from your device’s hard disk. If you want to delete the cookies already installed in the cookies folder of your browser, you should follow the specific instructions of each browser to manage their settings. Below are links with the instructions for the main browsers:


If you want to know more about cookies, visit All About Cookies (English, French, German, Spanish).

If you want to know more about behavioral advertising and online privacy, visit Your Online Choices.

If you want to know more about Google Analytics cookies, please check Google’s privacy policy. If you do not want to accept Google Analytics cookies, you should follow the instructions available here.



The information collected by the cookies may be used by PayChallenge, its subcontractors or partners.