P2P platform

Connect multiple consumers through a P2P platform

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Portugal Fintech is a non-profit association of Financial Technology (Fintech). There is a strong trend of technological development and digital, including the financial sector. In this sense the association’s mission is to create the best conditions for the development of Fintech, Insurtech and Cybersecurity startups in Portugal. We believe that cooperation between the entities belonging to this ecosystem is key to its development and to create synergies between the different players.

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This challenge focuses on offering end users the possibility to send/request money and share bills. This is not limited to mobile payment solutions for multiple merchants and fund raising services, or mobile payments solutions inside merchants’ web shops and apps. The peer-to-peer (P2P) platform is completely open to creative and innovative P2P services.


The Open Bank Project PSD2 sandbox demonstrates a PSD2 API solution. The API provides a secure avenue that allows bank account holders to access their banking data and services via approved third party applications, following the consent of both the bank and customer. Use this sandbox to explore our PSD2 API catalogue, test an example API powered application and register for a developer key so you can start building your own applications.

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Expected outcomes

The P2P platform based on PSD2 challenge would demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of a peer-to-peer platform compliant with the new directive. Some outcome examples are:

  • Request/Send/Receive money;
  • Make up/share bill;
  • Pay invoices;
  • Switch between multiple payment cards when shopping.

Expected impacts

This challenge provides an opportunity to demonstrate innovative solutions in the area of P2P based on PSD2. Some impacts include:

  • Complementary solutions to existing micro payments solutions;
  • Innovative alternatives to international P2P platforms;
  • Increased awareness on P2P technology in the financial landscape.